Diving safari red sea egypt

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Travel and live aboard Egypt

If you love journey, adventures and lively emotions, the diving is what undoubtedly will be pleasant to you. One of the most beautiful and excellent places for diving is a diving in Egypt, in the Red Sea.

The Red Sea has not competitors on a variety of corals and other underwater creatures. Thousands of people come to the coastal cities of Egypt, to take diving lessons and explore at least a small part of the underwater world. Everyone will find in Egypt the desirable regardless of level of training and the previous experience of diving. The beginners will be able to complete any courses for obtaining the certificate, and professional divers can make deep dives or dives on the sunk objects : cargo vessels, barges, sailboats and even the flooded warship.

Beautiful nature and advantages of diving safari Red Sea Egypt

Diving safari Red Sea Egypt is magnificent coral gardens, colorful reefs and stunning underwater nature/ In the Red Sea Liveaboard, there are more than 200 species of hard and soft corals. You can see black corals, gorgonians, and many other.

If you choose red sea diving safari you will discover a huge variety of marine animals. In the Red Sea live groupers, trevally, tuna and many others. Divers come here for the opportunity to meet hammerhead sharks. It is home to fox sharks and reef sharks. The Red Sea likes to surprise divers… And there are several explanations. Firstly, it is very warm (water temperature fluctuates between + 22 + 29 C). Secondly, it is the northernmost tropical sea of the planet, and the underwater world of tropical seas are so diverse and varied that no artist would not be able to repeat it in his picture …

And third, the Red Sea offers very different diving: the shallow lagoon with beautiful coral reefs and steep underwater walls, which only the most experienced divers will be able to win, and even a huge hole in the form of underwater coral caves. A striking example is “Blue Hole”, which was included in the top ten dive sites in the world! A lot of cool places to dive in the Red Sea is located near Sharm el-Sheikh. It is one of the most famous resorts in Egypt. Here you can find a lot of good suggestions for underwater adventures. Coral reefs are very rich in all sorts of marine life.

The best places for diving and liveaboard red sea

In Hurghada you can explore the reef-Gotha Aburamada, it is an underwater wall of vertical rocks overgrown with corals. Groupers and napoleons are teeming here, morays are so used to people that are fed directly from the hand. To the north-east of Hurghada is a reef Abu Nuhas near which the ships lie: the sailing vessel of Carnatic which sank in 1869 and the huge Greek cargo ship Ghiannis. In Hurghada there is also Kerless-rif, two artful rocks similar to columns of huge gate. At a depth of about 30 meters, you can see sharks, large turtles, fish-Napoleon.

Near Sharm el-Sheikh it is worth to dive in Ras Mohammed and to examine the diving caves located at a depth of 6 – 10 m. Yolanda Reef named for the ship that sank with a cargo of sanitary ware.

Closer to a surface the reef is filled up with toilet bowls and bathtubs. Obligatory point of the program is a photo on a toilet bowl among corals and fishes.

One more interesting place is a reef Shaab-Mahmoud near which the British military transport vessel Thistlegorm was flooded by the German bomber in the years of World War II.

The most titled Egyptian resort on the Red Sea for divers and live aboard egypt is Dahab. The distance from Sharm to Dahab is 95 km. It is called a mecca for divers. In Dahab it is possible to dive under water directly from the coast, but for each diver the dive in a legendary Blue Hole (Blue Hole) will be the most prestigious. The depth of the Blue Hole is 100 meters. It is also called “the graveyard of divers.”